• Top cool things that you can do with a 3-D printer

    People are doing more with 3-D printers today than they ever have previously. Once you buy a working 3-D printer, making things is just as easy as downloading the schematics and making sure that you have enough filament available for printing. You can make a lot of cool things with a 3-D printer and here are some of the most incredible projects that you could take on with a 3-D printer in your household or at your business:

    1. Never pay for plastic replacement parts again: if a piece of plastic ever breaks on your headphones, on an appliance or at your workplace you can simply draft up a replacement part and 3-D print it to spec. Many 3-D printer owners have crafted replacement parts on their 3-D printer and it's much cheaper and faster than ordering the parts online.

    2. Build your own kitchen tools: if you need a new garlic press, a new plate or even just some new containers for spices you can 3-D print them all. Your 3-D printer could start helping you become more adventurous in the kitchen by building new tools from scratch.

    3. Print your own home decorations: People in the past imprinted their own clocks, wall hangings 3d art and more. You can use your 3-D printer to create wall art, bookends and figures that suit your style.

    4. Print your own phone or device case: if you like to customize your phone or devices you could print your own plastic protective case for a cell phone, tablet and more. Often these cases can get very expensive so by downloading the specifications for your phone model you can design and print a variety of different styles to suit your needs.

    5. 3-D print your own flowers: you can print your own 3-D flowers for your home that are vibrant and colorful. The best part about 3-D printing your own flowers is that you can customize every element from the stem, pedals and colors to create your own varieties.

    6. Print your own clips: Clips for keeping food fresh are normally a very small investment that you need to make but it's possible to 3-D print them as you need them at home. Make sure that none of your bread goes stale and all of your chips stay fresh with your own 3-D printed clips.

    7. Take on bigger projects: some people have gone to the next level and 3-D printed some incredible things over the past few years. Today we have seen 3-D printed cars, houses and even 3-D printed food. Push the limits of your own creativity and don't be afraid to try some bigger projects with your 3-D printer.